Bad Financial Standing (BFS) is imposed if students have any outstanding fee or charges. When it occurs, BFS is automatically applied to the student’s record. If the student is in BFS, they will not be able to enrol for classes/examinations, will be discontinued access to LMS and self-services (e.g. Kaplan 360 app), and be refused eligibility for graduation and provision of final results/academic transcript. If students discontinue their unit/module enrolment, unit/module re-enrolment and/or re-admission will be refused until the outstanding balance, including late charges, have been paid in full. The PM Director may terminate a student’s enrolment during the teaching period, on the grounds that the student has not paid the outstanding balance of fees or charges. A student whose enrolment has been terminated may be reinstated if the student pays in full the total outstanding fees and charges due.

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